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  1. This is the James Bond pub quiz - a themed round featuring 20 fiendishly difficult questions related to her Majesty's finest, agent 007. All questions and answers are below - From RadioTimes.
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Radio Quiz - Pub quiz questions and answers all on the subject of radio. 1. Radio 2 has made one lady famous under the nickname 'Sally Traffic' - but what is her real surname? Boazman. 2. In which year did the Marine etc. Broadcasting Offences Act come into place, whereby offshore 'pirate' radio stations became illegal if operated. Radio Quizzes Radio Quiz Questions and Answers Questions. Which private investigator and special agent was the star of the BBC's first daily radio series? The UK Shipping Forecast is broadcast on which radio station? Who was BBC Radio One's first female presenter? Rickie, Melvin & Charlie can be listened to at breakfast time on which radio station

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And if this one isn't your cup of tea (which may or may not be the answer to one of the questions) try one of our other popular quizzes linked below. 30 food and drink quiz questions to test the. RADIO TIMES RADIO TIMES TIMES IDENTIFY TV PERSONALITIES 1 JIMMY EDWARDS 2 MATT MONROE 3 SIMON DEE 4 ALISTAIR COOKE 5 TELLY SAVALAS 6 PATRICK MOORE 7 ROBIN DAY 8 RUSSELL HARTY 9 BILLY COTTON 10 ERIC IDLE . adioTimes picture_quiz_radio_times Author: small Created Date

ONLINE quiz nights are the perfect chance to catch up with friends and family during the pandemic. Express.co.uk presents 100 general knowledge questions with the answers to your virtual home pub. Time Quiz Questions I. 'Time is an illusion. Lunchtime doubly so' is a line from which book? In Great Expectations by Charles Dickens, Miss Havisham has all the clocks in her mansion frozen at precisely what time? Often known as 'The First American' who is thought to have first said: 'Time is Money'? What is the name given to the shadow-casting. Free quiz questions by questionsgems. Here are the best 40 complete free quiz questions for use in your pub quiz, general knowledge quiz in easy to use quiz rounds. Almost 40+ free quiz questions with answers here. Get all top rated free quiz questions. Also check- Quiz questions uk / Christmas quiz questions Free quiz questions So without further ado, ready, set quiz! And don't forget to tell us how you get on! FAMILY FRIENDLY QUIZZES TO TRY. Read More Related Articles. 30 Disney quiz questions and answers for all the famil

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Each Maths Challenge Quiz has three sections: 1: Beat the clock. Quick fire questions across a range of themes. 2: Word problems. Applying mathematical strategies to real-world situations. 3. Fifteen questions on general knowledge and topical news trivia plus a few jokes every Thursday - how will you fare? Published: 17 Jun 2021. Hot dog, jumping frogs, and beef jerky - take the.

Trivia quiz questions and answers may be a difficult aspect of formulating a quiz, with so many potential options available to composers. People can cover a vast range of subjects, making them. Here's one on us puzzle Answer For hundreds of additional puzzles sign up for our 7 day free puzzle website trial today Annual SUBSCRIPTION £ 29 99 Annual SUBSCRIBE TODAY Week 10th -16th April Easy Crossword 121 Enigma 124 Answers WC 01 st MAy Week 8th -14th MAy Week 22nd -28th MAy WEEK 29th Answers Read More Times Radio. Times+ Log in. My account . The Times Daily Quiz: Monday August 2, 2021 Fifteen questions to get you thinking. The answers are below. Olav Bjortomt

US Old Time Radio Trivia Quizzes. 1 . Old Time Radio Drama 10 questions. Average, 10 Qns, alexcooper79, Feb 20 19. 'The theatre of the mind', Old Time Radio was filled with various types of drama, comedy, mystery, horror, and variety shows. The forerunner to TV, it now is nostalgia for some, and history for others. I just find it fun 2. Find the best cutlery alternative that isn't a spoon to eat soup. 3. Find the best writing instrument that isn't a pen or pencil to clearly write your name/team name on your answer sheet. 4. Find the best container that isn't a vase/glass to hold a bunch of flowers in water. 5 Funny quiz questions: Answers. 1. How many times does the average person laugh in a day? (Just think how much you laugh an hour and you'll be around the right number). It's 13! I actually thought it'd be more than that - hopefully some of these funny quiz questions and answers will add to that number! 2. What is a Rocky Mountain oyster

Radio History Trivia Quizzes. 1 . Until the advent of television, the radio was the center of information and entertainment in the American home. Here is a quiz about radio's birth and 'Golden Age'. 2 . A collection of odds and ends about American AM radio A free collection of some of the most captivating general knowledge quiz questions and their correct answers. Good luck These were the top 100 trivia quiz questions you can use to create quizzes that go viral online. How many of those questions were you able to answer correctly? In addition to the questions above, we've also put together 25 Most Popular Quiz Categories and Quizzes that you can check out From the Premier League to pole vaulting, sports trivia must be one of the most contested categories in the quizzing world. The favourite of armchair trivia enthusiasts and avid pub quizzers alike, we've tried to put together a compelling collection of slightly challenging sports quiz questions and answers

1275 Best TV Trivia Quiz Questions And Answers 2021. TV is one of the most popular subjects for quizzes. People also love taking part in the TV quiz because they think they will probably know all the answers to all the TV questions. But it's not as easy as you would think. There are hundreds of thousands of movies, tv-series, reality shows, etc These easy quiz questions and answers contain 100 general knowledge questions. They come in rounds of 20 questions and the correct answers are listed at the end of each round Why not try next: 100 easy general knowledge quiz questions and answers Easy Maths Quiz Answers. 180° Isosceles; Three; 1; Acute; FALSE; A tangent; The Fibonacci sequence; 36 (squares of numbers) 6; Did you know? The Fibonacci sequence appears regularly appears in nature, such as branching in trees, the arrangement of leaves on a stem, the fruitlets of a pineapple, the flowering of artichoke. 25 funny pub quiz questions 2021: quirky and hilarious trivia to ask in your online quiz - plus answers 2 Edinburgh festivals row flares over claims they are a threat to city's world heritage statu About The Quiz. Our exciting quizzes are live on YouTube and Facebook every Thursday and Saturday from 19:50 BST, with first question read at 20:15. Trending worldwide and bringing together hundreds of thousands of households, the quiz has helped unite families, alleviate isolation and create fun. Specialist themed quizzes have included.

Nigeria (with almost 196 million people). 7. The Pan-American Highway at 29,800 miles from from Prudhoe Bay in North Alaska to Ushuaia in Argentina. 8. Bangkok (according to the Mastercard Cities. a radio times puzzle subscription will provide you with exclusive access to hundreds of puzzles that are added to each week. Our new puzzle site will suit novice and experienced puzzlers with a comprehensive range of puzzles including Easy, Cryptic and General Knowledge Crosswords, Sudoku, Enigma and TrackWord Puzzles Radio Times Big Picture Quiz 2020. Is anyone finding some a little tricky? I think I have 38/50. Stuck on The doll, the range rover, the man doing the limbo, the chalk outline on the road, the Andy Warhol like picture, swix crew,TB-B Wiz ere, Tarot cards, horse and elephant, church, thrown and slice of Christmas cake

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  1. The Times Daily Quiz. Fifteen questions to get you thinking. The answers are below. Q15: Which ship, docked in Dundee, is this? 1 I Need You (2009) was a Top Five hit single for which English hip.
  2. These questions are kind of great because they truly test your knowledge of music and how you answer things. The whole point of these Music Quiz Questions was to make your practice and test your knowledge of music. We hope after answering these questions you either found confidence or some right answers to the questions
  3. WWE Trivia Questions & Answers. Q. Who was the overall first draft pick in the WWE? Show Answer. The Rock. Q. Who was the first WWE Superstar to capture the Money in the Bank contract 2 WrestleManias in a row? Show Answer. CM Punk
  4. All Creatures Great and Small Quiz Questions and Answers While many think that the cheetah is the fastest animal in the world, the speedy honours actually go to the Peregrine Falcon, with a max speed of nearly 400 km/h (250 mph)
  5. ed to get revenge on the little boy for cutting off his right hand in a battle and feeding.
  6. QUIZ: You're a Foo Fighters super fan if you get 100% on this quiz Can you master the lyrics of Radiohead's Karma Police? Let's see how well you can do on this 2005 lyric quiz
  7. 40 London Underground quiz questions only a commuter would be able to answer - MyLondon. Batman-inspired tasting menu on offer at new DC Comics restaurant in London. It will be a fully immersive dining experience with comic book favourites. EastEnders' Jack Ryder compared to David Beckham - 19 years after soap exit

20 Easy Movie Quiz Questions Today we have provided 20 easy movie quiz questions! Why don't you have a go at the quiz and see just how much you know about modern cinema! START QUIZ Here are some examples of the questions contained within: Daniel Radcliffe became a global star in the film industry [ Try this amazing Really Hard Hunger Games Quiz quiz which has been attempted 6498 times by avid quiz takers. Also explore over 130 similar quizzes in this category

Here are 20 elf-approved quiz questions, many of which have an arty slant. Some are straightforward; others are General Ignorance traps. There are 2 points for a correct answer but minus 10 for. Britain's Top 50 Sitcoms (Part 1) Quiz. In 2003 the people of Britain were asked to vote for their favourite sitcoms, and the top fifty were listed in a special programme in January 2004. This quiz looks at number 50 to number 31. How much do you know about the favourite British sitcoms? Average score for this quiz is 14 / 20. Difficulty: Average Salvador Dali Trivia Questions & Answers : Art World Figures This category is for questions and answers related to Salvador Dali, as asked by users of FunTrivia.com. Accuracy: A team of editors takes feedback from our visitors to keep trivia as up to date and as accurate as possible. Related quizzes can be found here: Salvador Dali Quizze Quiz Questions with Answers (page 17) Back to the Quiz Questions main page. Quiz I. The New Testament was originally written in which language? What does the Internet acronym ROFL mean? What is another name for Gypsum plaster? The earliest wheelbarrows were used in which country? As of 2018, who is FLOTUS? (Hint: we want a person's name Alex Reid This ultimate pub quiz has 100 questions and answers on food, film, history, science and more 50 fun general knowledge quiz questions to test your friends and family during Covid-19 lockdow

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  1. eral, there's a good chance you'll mistakenly refer to it like a rock. After all, the untrained eye isn't able to discern the differences when you're not sure what to look for. In reality, a
  2. Free trivia questions in different categories. Questions on this page may be used for classrooms, newsletters, trivia nights, events, etc. Questions may not be used for websites or in apps, and may not be repackaged or resold. Please link to or credit FunTrivia textually if you use any of these questions. You use questions at your own risk
  3. Saturday April 11 2020, 12.01am BST, The Times. I'm not sure how, why and when I developed this peculiar sideline as an amateur quizmaster. Like many of us, I've always enjoyed a quiz — on.
  4. 22 of the most ridiculous and hilariously bad TV game show answers of all time, from Pointless to Family Fortunes We're sure that once you appear on a quiz show, BBC Radio Newcastle
  5. Now's the time to prove your knowledge of Halloween trivia with this epic test! Spooky Halloween quiz questions and answers are our thing, so the creepiness doesn't end here. As the unofficial home of Halloween we've got quizzes, videos, crafts, costumes and jokes. Don't miss out
  6. Superman, Iron Man, Spiderman--you've probably already heard of the superhero movies that are considered to be some of the most popular of all time. That said, test your knowledge when it comes to settings, cast members, and characters in our superhero movies trivia questions and answers
  7. And if you want even more top quality quiz content, check out some of our other categories below. 30 classic pub quiz questions to test your general knowledg

Eurovision quiz questions and answers: The best Eurovision questions Eurovision 2020 cancelled: Fans SOLVE contest news with ingenious idea Eurovision song contest 2020 cancelled amid coronavirus. Girl from District 2. « previous question next question ». Progress: 5 of 10 questions. Which two people have never been in the Games together? Finnick and Johanna. Wiress and Chaff. Brutus and Peeta. Finnick and Annie. « previous question next question » Average score for this quiz is 4 / 10. So go ahead and take a look at the following pointless questions to ask and pick your favorite ones to ask people around you. 'The moment it was announced it got a laugh. Which future star of Coronation Street performed in the choir? Awesome 30 questions on roses, perennials, daffodils and other useless triva. Who wants to own a convertible that. Modal Survey v1.9.9 - WordPress Poll, Survey & Quiz Plugin. 1. Modal Survey WordPress Plugin provides the opportunity to hear your visitors voice through an attention grabber poll. Unlimited surveys, questions and answers helps to get any informations, then display it by a stunning progress bar, beauty pie chart or a simple text format ROAD iD is the premier line of safety identification tags and bracelets for runner id, cyclist id, medical id, bicycling id, and emergency medical i

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From ditloids to dingbats, if you're looking for the most fun (and definitely peculiar) quiz on the internet, you've come to the right place! We've collected 100 of the most head-scratchingly strange, definitely dotty and almost obscenely odd fun general knowledge quiz questions and answers TV Quiz Questions and Answers British Entertainers. 1970s TV. Singing Soap Stars. Television. TV: Soaps. TV Drama. Reality TV. TV: Memorable Moments. TV Cops & Robbers. War Films. Post navigation. Older posts. Page 1 Page 2 Next → The TV quiz questions category consists of different type of TV quizzes. Have fun! Pages Comedies. The film quiz questions category compiles multiple questions related to well-known (or least known) movies that we all enjoy watching Travel quiz: Questions and answers. 1. What country is completely land-locked in South America? Bolivia or Paraguay. 2. Which is the only US State to have a one syllable name? Maine. 3. What is the line of latitude 23.5° north of the Equator more commonly known as? The Tropic of Cancer. 4. Which European capital was built on 14 islands

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In addition to being great conversation starters or helping you to win a round at your local pub quiz, general knowledge helps you to be street smart and make well-informed decisions. Cool, right? Test yourself with these general knowledge trivia questions and answers for 2020 Quiz of the Year 2020 (Round 3) By Quizmaster I. Questions about TV & Film, as well as music and politics in the round up of events from 2020. November 16, 2020. Gone but not forgotten 2020 (Round 2) By Quizmaster I. A quiz about the actors, musicians and sports personalities who sadly died in 2020. November 14, 2020 This small piece of kit is designed to make building your Quiz, Crossword or Puzzle question more effective. the more likely someone is to answer it! To build an easy to find question title simply select the paper and quiz, enter the quiz number if relevant and fill in the Publication Date. Radio Times 33 . 11:46 Tue 06th Aug 2013 13. This small piece of kit is designed to make building your Quiz, Crossword or Puzzle question more effective. Do you know the answer? Radio Times 27 Answer Question >> Latest Posts. Refresh. Buenchico International Probate. Related Questions. sinead. Radio Times 31 . 15:07 Tue 27th Jul 2021 6 answers, last by dannyk13 15:10 Tue 27th Jul.

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Multiple Choice Quiz. Which of the follow sets of information must a reporter conducting interviews for a news story about a crime or city council action discover? a. Facts and details, including dates, names, locations and costs. b. A chronology showing the unfolding of events All answers are part of the body 3 agree 3,3,2,3 41 Kate and sidney in London 5,3,6 45 Where you'll get the truth from 8,4,3,6,5 46 sounds arrogant 4 50 Companys admin centre 12 52 piece of furniture... 16:04 Sun 11th Jul 2021 11 answers, last by Fedfan 16:14 Sun 11th Jul 2021 Welcome to our Multiple Choice Trivia Page. Multiple Choice I Which of these pairs of animals are most likely to meet in the wild? (a) A penguin and a polar bear (b) A leopard and a cheetah (c) A gorilla and an orang-utan (d) A lemur and a wallab TV Soaps Quiz Questions Round 1 What is the name of the pub in Albert Square? Which Emmerdale family's members include Sam and Delilah? What was Trevor Jordache buried under in Brookside? In which street i

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Lockdown quiz: test yourself with the Imperial team's general knowledge questions Try these 20 brainteasers from the winning University Challenge team Imperial College London. Scroll down for. Music Quiz Questions and Answers Theatre and Musical. Rock Music. Heavy Metal. Elton John. Rolling Stones. Elvis Presley. Folk and Country Music. Singing Soap Stars. Band Names. 60s Music. Post navigation. Older posts

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  1. The first step is to take their annual online test. Offered at very specific times throughout the year, the official online test has 50 questions, each of which must be answered in 15 seconds or.
  2. As of August 2020, who is the youngest person ever to win a Grammy Award? Answers. Choose your answer. A. Lauryn Hill. B. Billie Eilish. C. LeAnn Rimes. D. Taylor Swift. Finish the lyrics to this Katy Perry song, Do you ever feel like a BLANK BLANK , Drifting through the wind, wanting to start again. Answers
  3. Lockdown Quiz: Can you answer these 21 trick questions and riddles correctly? Greater Manchester News He was arrested after blowing more than three times the legal drink drive limit, say police
  4. a) Thin crêpes that are rolled, filled with jam and dusted with icing sugar. b) Layers of crêpes and cream, stacked to form a pancake cake. c) Fluffy, raisin pancakes that are chopped or broken into small chunks and dusted with icing sugar. d) A stock, served with thin strips of leftover pancakes. 25
  5. 2637 plays. 10 . UK Commercial Break #2 15 questions. Average, 15 Qns, allynellie, Nov 13 13. This is my second quiz about the many commercials that have aired on terrestrial television in the UK over the years. I have chosen ones that are quite well known. You will be asked to Fill-in-the-blanks or give me the brand name of the product. Average
  6. Each one of these MCQ quiz questions has been lovingly as well as and painstakingly researched from many reliable sources, and this contest contains 100 questions, with multiple choice answers, that all of you should answer. Free Printable quiz questions and answers with General Knowledge can be answered very easily and the answer sheet is put.

The best true or false quiz answers. False - Prince William is 1.91m, Prince Harry is 1.86m. True. False - she's won three! She won Best Actress for The Iron Lady in 2012, Best Actress for Sophie. Pub quizzes have been always a great way to enjoy the night with friends and family while having your favourite drinks. Even more, you can learn many interesting facts and broaden your trivia knowledge in different fields. Check out these 100 easy pub quiz questions and answers and have fun A themed quiz across several different categories, with all questions focusing on the colours yellow and gold. Bring a little sunshine into your day! Average score for this quiz is 6 / 10. Difficulty: Average. Played 420 times. As of Aug 05 21 General Knowledge Quiz Round 1 - Questions. What is the highest number used in a Sudoku puzzle? What is the term for a positive electrode? Which swimming stroke is named after an insect? Which English queen has the same name as a type of plum Click here for 80 general knowledge film, literature and music quiz questions. 100 music quiz questions and answers. We've come up with 100 - yes 100 - questions and answers on music to help test.

News. Welcome To The AnswerBank News, the home of the latest news headlines and topical debate on The AnswerBank. Discuss UK and worldwide news here. We understand that debates get heated, but personal attacks and abusive language will not be tolerated. It is common practice to offer a link to the news article you would like to discuss Human Body Quiz Questions and Answers It's come to an end; the final round of 10 science trivia questions for adults. And what better way to end it, than to have them tickling their own funny bones and frantically surveying themselves in this tenth and final round of our bumper science pub quiz, all dedicated to the human body

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Picture Quiz Logos Answers. This is one of the most popular logo guessing games on the market. It has over a thousand puzzles to play and over 10 million downloads on Google Play alone! How many brand logos do you know? It is a really fun game for all ages, there are logos targetted at all sorts of different industries. Hours of fun here! 2 / 63 We provide free quiz questions for you to answer, with multiple choice trivia quiz questions also available. Over the past five years, myself and 'Quizmaster I' have written thousands of pub quiz questions and published them for free online. Our archive is available in its entirety. Please feel free to dig in

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Free trivia quiz questions and answers for fun or for pub quizzes. Quiz.co.uk and Quiz.UK and are written for your enjoyment and entertainment! 8 Television and Radio Quizzes; 9 Excellent animal and nature quizzes Animal and Nature Quizzes; 10 Health and Fitness Quizzes, Past Times - The 70s (30 questions) Movies - General Knowledge (30. Larry Gogan's just-a-minute quiz: the answers that became part of Irish folklore Hitler's first name, the Taj Mahal, a bird with a long neck, and as happy as a.. Thankfully, wrong answers in this week's ABC News Quiz won't clog up an international shipping canal. Grab your Olympic torch and get ready to test your knowledge. Posted Thu Thursday 25 Mar March.

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This page contains questions and answers from our readers relating to solar physics. Please DO NOT HESITATE to send us any solar related questions that you may have, especially if there is something within these pages that you did not understand or simply would like to know more about. Somebody else just might be wondering the same thing and this page is anxiously sitting here waiting to. 50 Glasgow pub quiz questions and answers to use on your next Zoom. From history and architecture to celebrities and pop culture, here's a round-up of questions and answers for your next virtual. Bible Quiz - Printable questions on the Old and New Testaments. Book Quiz - Authors, famous books and fictional characters. Christmas - A printable Christmas quiz. Dingbats - Amazing word puzzles on a ready-to-use A4 sheet. Film Quiz - Famous films, plots, actors and actresses. Food Quiz - A quiz for foodies with some testing culinary questions

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James Bond, a fictional Secret Service operative residing in London. He quickly became one of the most famous characters in popular media. Test your knowledge about the famed MI6 agent, James Bond, by taking these new trivia James Bond Quiz Questions and Answers.It may not be one of the hardest 007 quizzes out there, but certainly it is not an easy one 2021 US Quiz: If You Live in the US, You Can Ace This. It's the July 4th US Quiz! If you can answer these 15 questions, you either live in the US or are obsessed with it. The range goes from Presidential dogs to the latest heatwave and late-night TV

The Times Daily Quiz: Friday January 18, 2019 | Times2Carol Kirkwood pitted against Dan Walker in new BBC quizBest Motivation Blog: Difficult Quiz Questions UkStrictly Come Dancing 2020: Will over-70s be banned? ExWalt Disney World POP! Quiz - Happy Birthday Mickey Mouse