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Computer Help. You can only reply or react to stories shared by your friends on Facebook. To reply to a story: Go to the Stories section at the top of your News Feed. Click to view a story. From there, you can: Send a reply: Click Reply to [Name]... at the bottom of the story. Send a reaction: Click an emoji in the bottom right If you comment on something and the friend who posted it is sharing with friends-of-friend, then their friends-of-friends can see your comment. I think this is also true of public groups. Some groups are private and then those comments would only be seen by members of the group

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YES. PHEW, you can rest easy knowing that your Instagram comments are only visible to the owner of the account the Instagram story is attached to. So, if you're worried other viewers of the Insta story in question can view the comments you leave, rest easy! When it comes to Instagram story privacy, comments on stories are treated just like. What you can bulk delete are the apps and websites that use Facebook for log-ins. Go to Settings > Apps & Websites and you'll see tabs for Active, Expired, and Removed apps/sites. Select a bunch. Then, once the story is live, you can also see who has viewed your story. To do so, tap Your Story icon on the home screen and look for the number of views at the bottom left. Tap the views to.. Control Who Can Friend and Follow You. Upload Your Contacts to Facebook. Your Home Page. How News Feed Works. Control What You See in News Feed. Like and React to Posts. Search. Translate News Feed. Translate Facebook App When you hide a comment on your post/update, it will still be visible to the person who posted it and all his/her friends. The commenter and his/her friends can continue the discussion also. Only..

See Someone's Likes on Facebook Profile Page. Works in situation: You are friends with the person or if the person's profile is public. What you can check: All likes: photos, music, videos, books, sprots teams, etc. If the person whose Facebook activity you want to check is in your friend list, then this method can be useful to you To hide comments on Facebook's native platform, all you have to do is hover over the comment. You'll see a drop-down arrow; when you click on it, you'll see the option to hide comment or embed.. Just click hide comment.. After you do this, you'll see other options you can take, including unhide, delete, and. Unfortunately, you can't hide your Facebook comments. Only the person who initially shared the post can change the privacy settings of that post. If they decide to hide or delete the post, the same thing will happen to your comment. As long as the post's privacy is set to Public, it will remain visible Facebook and Messenger offer five privacy settings for your stories. You can either set it to Public where anyone on Facebook visiting your profile can see it or limit it to Facebook friends and. What are Featured Viewers on Facebook? Featured Viewers are friends who have looked at your photo. In other words, these are people on your friend list who clicked onto your profile and then viewed your Featured story. For instance, in the screenshot above, you can see that my photo has 3 Featured Viewers

Users who came across the problem claimed that they can see all comments by taping on the existing comments, or they go into a friend's Facebook Homepage to see all of the comments. And some users noticed Facebook will automatically hide comments that it identifies as irrelevant, you can choose Top Comments (unfiltered) to expand all comments Unfortunately, you cannot see the name and profile of other people who have seen your story. Facebook chooses to keep this information private for some unknown reason. You can, however, see the viewers of a story as long as they're your friend on Facebook even after the story disappears. We hope you found this article helpful You can use a normal post that anyone can see on your wall; Or you can create a post in the Business Manager that won't be front-facing on your Facebook page. To do that, just make your way to the Page Posts area here: The only difference is whether the post will be shown on your Facebook page or not

Open the Facebook app. Navigate to the particular story where you want to remove the reaction. Tap the Sent button (displayed alongside the sent emoji) at the bottom left. All the reactions on a certain story will appear. Tip: You can react multiple times with multiple emojis on a single story. To delete or undo a reaction (s), tap. The average reach for an organic Facebook post is down to 5.2%. (For the record, at the end of 2019 it was 5.5%, and the year before that it was 7.7%). Meanwhile, the average engagement rate in 2020 for an organic Facebook post was 0.25%. That number drops to 0.08% for those of you with more than 100k followers About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators. Facebook Stories are Instagram and Snapchat-style quick updates that disappear after 24 hours; they don't stick around like normal Facebook statuses. When Facebook Stories appeared on mobile an.

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  1. The Facebook news feed algorithm attempts to figure out which posts you most want to see. Posts that you see first are influenced by your connections and activity on Facebook. The number of comments, likes and reactions a post receives and what kind of story it is (example: photo, video, status update) can also make it more likely to appear.
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  3. For Stories, which are visible for 24 hours, you can limit your audience to your Facebook Friends or create a custom list of people with whom you want to share your stories
  4. I can't see stories; Can't see saved stories. Related Help Center FAQs; Why am I seeing info about Blood Donations on Facebook if I... I can't send messages on Facebook Marketplace. I can't find the information I'm looking for in my Facebook... I can't reset my Facebook password because I can't access th... I signed up on Facebook with.
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  6. Generally, when you post or comment on a Page or to a public group, a story can be published in News Feed as well as other places on or off Facebook. To learn more about this, please visit our Help Center via the link below

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And strangely, the blocked person can see your comments and posts in common groups, but you cannot view anything related to them (posts, comments, likes, etc.). Those things are hidden. Can You. As of early 2019, Facebook Stories had 500 million daily users, making them an incredibly popular feature. Quick tips for using Facebook Stories. You can use Facebook Stories to boost brand awareness, give followers behind-the-scenes content, and connect with your community. To make Facebook Stories work for your brand, follow these simple tips A Facebook Story can be created from a photo, text on a colored background, a poll, and more. Stories appear in your friends' feeds as well as in the Stories row at the top of the screen — but. You can still find them and see their comments in posts by mutual friends, and you can still see whatever portions of their profile or their feed that are open to the public. However, if someone.

These News Articles come from third-party sources who Feed the information to MSN. If you wish to make a comment, click on the article. Look to the left or upper middle menu to see the Source Icon. (i.e. R, People, L.A. Times, etc..) This will take you to the Original Story where you can look for a Comments section January 31, 2017: Authentic and timely stories. Facebook is making two changes to help authentic and timely stories rank better14. To surface authentic content, Facebook will be analyzing Facebook Pages to see if they have been posting spam or trying to game the News Feed by asking for Likes, comments, or shares

How do I leave a comment on a story? You must sign up to create an account in order comment. To sign up, tap the menu and tap Sign in with a Fox News Account. Then choose whether to sign in with a third party account such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, Yahoo, LinkedIn or AOL, or tap Create An Account to set up a Fox News account with. Apart from the misadventures of mutual tagging, blocking means that you're not going to see any of this person's activity on Facebook. Even if they're commenting in the same thread on the same post that you are. Even if other people in the conversation are responding directly to them, you're going to miss out on all the connecting comments Posted at Oct 15, 2020 5:00:00 PM by Michelle Sternbauer | Share With more than 2.7 billion monthly active users worldwide, Facebook has cleared the way for itself as the leading social platform. Therefore, the vast majority of brands cannot afford to neglect the new Facebook rules for 2021 as part of their social media marketing strategies. And, as Facebook changes, users and creators. You can view who watches your stories by clicking the seen by option on the bottom left corner of your story. There, you'll get a list of viewers and other data such as Impressions, Follows, and Navigation. It doesn't matter if someone follows you or not, you'll be able to see if they viewed your story Facebook is a tough platform to crack—there's no doubting that. Whether you're an in-house marketer trying to promote content organically, or you're simply looking to boost dwindling engagement on your posts, Facebook's ever-changing algorithm is making it trickier for Pages to make their content visible to their fans if they're not paying for it

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In the Facebook app for iOS, you can also view the most recent view of your Facebook feed Hopefully that helps those of you who like to see the most recent posts from your friends and family! If you another way or a better way to make this change permanent, definitely share them in the comments You can scroll your feed in the main column on the left. You can also click through carousel posts, watch videos, like posts, or add comments. Everything you can browse in the mobile app, you can also browse on the website. Click the Explore button to see what's trending on Instagram or the Heart icon to view all your notifications On the Facebook Mobile App. If you're trying to view your Facebook feed on the iPhone or Android app, you can do that too. Open the Facebook app and head to the Menu pane. On iOS, select Feeds. Then select Most Recent and you will see everything in Chronological order. On Android, you can select Most Recent from Feeds on the Menu pane An example of a Facebook story image. You can respond by typing a reply at the bottom of the screen. How to reply to a Facebook story. This reply will be visible only to the person who sent the story but it's wise to remember he or she could take a screen grab and share it! You can only see a story once High character limit for comments: It seems that you can type up for 8,000 characters for a Facebook comment. This makes it great for inviting your audience to share longer-form thoughts about your video. For example, Airbnb encouraged its audience to share their favorite vacation mom story on their Mother's Day video. As the character limit.

If Facebook forces you to sign in to view your page then it has a restriction on it. Solution: You can remove any restrictions by logging into your Facebook account and going to the Settings for your page. You can then remove any Country Restrictions and Age restrictions (see screenshot). Once removed this will allow the Custom Facebook Feed. Private replies are allowed within 7 days of the creation date of the Post Comment or Visitor Post. Note that a Post Comment or Visitor Post does not open the 24hr window for standard messaging. For example, when a user replies or reacts on Messenger, then the Send API can be used to continue messaging. For a reference of user actions that open. Thursdays and Fridays from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. are the best times to post on Facebook [ Hubspot] Thursday at 8 p.m. [ TrackMaven] 1-4 p.m. late into the week and on weekends [ CoSchedule] Off-peak [ Buzzsum0] All of these studies can be helpful to point marketers in the right direction The story they originally post to Facebook has nothing dangerous about it. It's just a regular story that anyone might post. That was the warning from one local Better Business Bureau last year Now Facebook is finding a middle ground by optionally unlocking the history of your Stories that otherwise disappear after 24 hours. Facebook will soon begin testing Stories Highlights, the.

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The other users' Stories will appear at the end of your feed where you can choose to watch them or unmute them if you'd like. Do keep in mind that users can see who views their Instagram Stories To change your reaction on the Facebook mobile app, first, locate the post or comment that you have reacted to. Now tap and hold on the reaction. This will bring up a list of reactions to choose from. Select the reaction that you would like to change to and tap on it. This will replace your original reaction

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MarketWatch provides the latest stock market, financial and business news. Get stock market quotes, personal finance advice, company news and more 14.8m Followers, 759 Following, 1,332 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from kristen bell (@kristenanniebell You can see our full day-by-day checklist of holiday requirements here. Those returning from an amber country have to quarantine at home for 10 days, unless they are fully vaccinated (See more details here.) Always Improving Comment Ranking. To improve relevance and quality, we'll start showing comments on public posts more prominently when: The comments have interactions from the Page or person who originally posted; or; The comments or reactions are from friends of the person who posted Facebook enables you to control who sees what on your Timeline. You can set the privacy settings so only one person can see a post or so that it's completely public, or anything in between. The privacy settings can either be global for everything you post or you can adjust posts on an individual basis if you just.

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Facebook is giving you more control over what you see when you use the social media platform -- in particular what appears in your News Feed and who's allowed to comment on your posts. The social. Stories about your business -- client stories, success stories, etc. -- all of these make for awesome videos! Remember, facts tell and stories sell. So use stories. My tips: read the book The Power of Story Telling, and watch this video to see how Ty Bennett tells his story Control who can see what you share. Manage what you've shared. Control who can find you. Staying safe. Abuse resources. Suicide and Self-Injury Resources. Crisis Response. Safety resources for parents. Info for Law Enforcement Social media such as Facebook or Twitter make for higher quality conversations than story-page comments because of the barrier — readers have to make an extra effort to go to another website Yes, you can now see who has viewed your Facebook profile. The new feature lets you see who visited your profile in the past 30 days, past day as well as who has viewed your most recent posts. The feature is buried deep in your privacy settings and is only available on the iOS app for now. To access the list of who has viewed your profile, open.

There, you can cycle through your entire posting history on Facebook, dating to the day you made your profile. You will be amazed at what you can find in your old posts from five or even ten years. Visibility options when making a Facebook post (click for larger image). In the example above, when you're about to make a new post from the desktop version of Facebook, you can set who is allowed to see the post (as well as whether that post should be on your timeline or as part of your story) If person A wants to see person B's posts, they can follow person B. A will see B's posts, but B won't see a thing from A outside of any comments and likes they leave, assuming those are allowed. If B wants to see what A posts, they can follow A as well, or they can initiate a friend relationship You can use it to keep up with the latest news as it happens, listen to music with your friends, or hover over a story to join in the conversation. 20. Timeline: Your Timeline is where you can see your posts or posts you've been tagged in displayed by date. It's also part of your Profile With tag review enabled, you'll start receiving tag notices. You'll see them on your home feed as to-do's, just like pending friend requests, messages, and comments. You can then review pending tags and choose whether to approve them by hitting the check mark next to the item

The one I like best is the comment. When readers leave comments, it gives you an opportunity to learn more about them. They're not just going for the easy option of clicking like. They're putting themselves out there and responding to your post. This post is all about getting more comments on your Facebook page Like-farming is when scammers post an attention-grabbing story on Facebook for the express purpose of cultivating likes and shares. Based on the way Facebook works, the more likes and shares a. 1. Find the content that you want to repost to your feed. If you want to maintain a post or picture's Likes and comments when you repost it, you'll need to comment on it. You can comment on someone's post or picture. You can also use this method to repost an old post made by you or a friend However, Facebook recently learned through a study that many users would like to see current news stories that may not necessarily receive likes, comments, or shares from the users' friends. Now, Facebook will also be monitoring how much time is spent viewing certain stories W hile you can easily manage what you post on Facebook and who can see those posts, you can't necessarily control what others post about you. If you've been tagged in an unflattering photo, it.

If you want the haters to see your Stories and other posts, but you don't want them to comment, you can do that, too. Tap on your icon at the bottom right of the Home screen Facebook Stories can feel like a ghost town even though it has 150 million daily users. So Facebook is trying to get more people who view your ephemeral content on its Snapchat clone to speak up. The most common examples are reactions (including likes), comments and shares, but it can also include saves, viewing a video or clicking on a link. How to increase Facebook engagement: 23 tips that work 1. Teach, entertain, inform, or inspire. Your Facebook audience is not looking for a sales pitch, and they're certainly not going to engage. Example Facebook fan page Per-Post Insights. If you take 277 Likes + 156 comments = 433 / 70,941 impressions, the percent is 0.61%. I recommend that you focus on the percent feedback number—you want that to increase.The number of impressions can be misleading What can people see on your Facebook profile? with most and the number of likes and comments a particular post receives. individually select friends whose stories you'd like to see at.

Facebook Stories ads are full-screen, vertical ads that appear between organic Facebook Stories. Videos longer than 15 seconds get split into different story cards that play one after the other. After the first three cards, a viewer can choose to keep watching or return to organic Stories These tips for Facebook post ideas will prompt your Facebook fans to fall over each other to like, share, and comment on your posts. 45 Facebook Post Ideas That Generate High Engagement. 1. Start with a Story. Telling a story is one of the best Facebook content ideas because it resonates with real people Take a look at these posts and see if there are any themes you can address very early in your broadcast. To launch your video, open the Facebook app and go to your Facebook Page. Tap to start a new post and look for the Live icon at the bottom of the screen. Tap the Live icon and then provide a short description of your video They can't see your posts, and you can't see theirs, regardless of how the post is shared to them. Even if they are given a direct link, it will simply appear as though the link is broken. However, if that user logs out or creates a secondary Facebook profile, they will be able to see the post

How to allow followers on Facebook. 1. Log into Facebook in a web browser on your Mac or PC . 2. In the top right corner of the website, click the down arrow to open the menu. 3 From here, you can click the Filters on the left to review a specific type of story (ex: Your Posts, Photos). You can also search for stories and click a year on the right to see stories from a. A few quick tips for using #hashtags on Facebook: 1. Use relevant keywords to your business and the audience you are trying to target. (If you are a local business, use the name of your city too). 2. Use tools like Hashtagify.me to find other trending hashtags related to your specific tag. 3 Hey there, maybe you can help me. Sometimes when reading a news article, or science or whatever thats NOT on, or through, facebook, in order to post a comment on the site it asks me to to FB. Fans and viewers can comment on your story and you, as the creator, can respond directly to a fan's comment with a photo or video that's viewable by the entire community. Fans can also give other fans' comments a thumbs up or thumbs down, or heart. Comment moderation on Stories is the same as comment moderation on regular YouTube video

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You can't turn off Facebook ads, but you can choose to avoid ads on a few select topics. You can tell Facebook you want to see fewer ads related to alcohol, parenting, pets, social issues. You can see your total number of Likes or follows directly on your Facebook page. If you want to go more in depth, you can visit the Likes tab in reporting. Here, you can see how your page's Likes trend over time, as well as your number of Unlikes and a breakdown of organic or paid Likes

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A blue dot on a Facebook story. When viewing the list of viewers on your Facebook stories, you must have noticed a blue dot next to the viewers' names. A blue dot next to viewers on a Facebook story. The blue dot next to Facebook story viewer represents a new view(s) since you last checked the views for that particular story And yes, you can use a comment/like importer tool to collect Facebook user IDs, but there are definitely more effective ways to create useful lists of prospective customers. 2. Determine your ideal customers. One common mistake we see businesses make with Facebook contests all the time is targeting anyone who can fog a mirror. Evidence Click on the Open image in new tab option in the drop-down menu. Now, select the entire content of the address bar. It is very important to have a link that ends with .gif. Go back to Facebook and open your comment in the Edit mode. Replace the link to the GIF's page with the address that you've just copied Facebook makes it easy to delete your old posts with the Activity Log. Go to your profile, click the three-dot menu, and select Activity Log.This will show you every action you, or another user. Step 1: Open Facebook Messenger on your PC and click the gear icon. Step 2: From the list of items, select the Archived threads option. Step 3: Here you will find all the hidden Facebook messages. You can unarchive any of them by sending a new message to the recipient. Also See: How to Use Multiple Facebook Accounts on Android Smartphone

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You'll see the number of views, comments, and likes on each of your own story posts at the bottom of the player. On the YouTube app, you may also see the total number of views and subscribers you've gotten in the last 14 days. This info will appear above the Stories row on Home. You can also see your data on the Overview tab in YouTube Analytics While I can also drop these stickers as comments via Facebook's website on a desktop or laptop, there's no way to edit one's Avatar outside of the iOS or Android app

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